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This is dedicated to my wife, my inspiration and sole mate. It is because of her encouragement that I am doing what I am doing today. The daisy shown on the plaque was Bonnie’s favorite flower. In late October 2007, a single Shasta daisy flowered near the top of the driveway not far from my favorite Japanese red maple tree. My daughter (Lisa) and I both thought it a bit late for such a flower to be growing. I was very cautious not to damage it when I cut the grass or raked the leaves. It continued to grow strong and flowered through the whole month of November. On 4 December we had about an inch or so of snow. On 5 December, I went out to get a picture of the daisy in the snow. Sometime during the previous evening or night the daisy shriveled and died so all that was left was a wilted, drooping flower. As you can see from the dates on the etching, Bonnie passed away on 4 December 2006. Time of death was 10:37 pm.
God Saw Her